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Sunday, January 08, 2006

I'm an Equal Opportunity Offender.

In case anyone thinks I'm unnecessarily harsh on Arab terrorists, rest assured that there is no racial component to it all. I hate all terrorists equally. To prove it, allow me to link to this little story about the interaction between Irish terrorists and Arab terrorists, whom I hate with an equal amount of passion.

Convicted Al Quada terrorist Abbas Boutrab (a fake name according to officials, so I'll just reffer to him as Retard A) had a dispute with some of the IRA dingbats (remember, this is a family blog- no cussin) in at Maghaberry Prison. So Retard A hands Retard B (Irish terrorist)
a 'vacaum flask' (Britishism for 'thermos') with some batteries tapes to it, and tells him its a bomb.

He tells Retard B that there was a pressure switch in the bomb and that it would explode if he let go of it.


Army bomb disposal experts called to the scene initially taped the suspect device to the frightened man's hand while they examined it. The Algerian, who used the fake identity Abbas Boutrab to enter the UK and settle in Newtownabbey, has a reputation as a skilled bomb-maker. A prison officer told Sunday Life: "They [the Army bomb experts] weren't taking any chances because of what the FBI said in court about Abbas's expertise to make bombs from everyday ingredients.

Oh, I feel like someone's getting a beating tonight, on Oz: The Terrorists.

More details here.