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Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Following Post Does Not Constitute Gloating.

I pray for Sharon's recovery. If you could spare a moment to say Tehillim, his Hebrew name is Ariel ben Devorah.

That said, I suppose this little story proves that when the cat's away, the mice will tenaciously hold on to every bit of holy land they can:

Dozens of Yassam policemen and soldiers arrived in the Jewish Quarter in Hevron, but failed in their mission of distributing expulsion orders to 11 Jewish families. Hevron Jewish Community Spokesman David Wilder said, "They sent in the storm-troopers today. Dozens of police and soldiers came, and their goal was to hand out expulsion orders - and they failed. People refused to open the doors, and the forces were not even able to tape them to the doors... People are very upset at the government's intention, and it appears that this was just a little taste of what the reaction will be if the government continues to try to throw them out.

Trust Arutz Sheva to sum things up nicely in a nonpartisan totally uninflamatory manner:

The area in question was emptied of its Jews during the Hevron massacre of 1929, when Arab mobs slaughtered 67 Jews in their homes and synagogues.

Which is totally and completely true. However, I'm so conditioned by years of reading the MSM that I was waiting for the author to point out that the Jews in Hevron had been somewhat rude to thier Arab neighbors, which completely justifies murdering babies.

Meantime: a new militancy?

Spokesman Noam Arnon said, "This government, unsurprisingly, is clearly capable of carrying out the desires of those who murdered the dozens of Jews in Hevron in 1929, and throwing out Jews from Jewish land. It was exactly in this area, among others, that the Jews were killed... We merited to see Jews return to their land, but now the government wants to throw them out once again."