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Friday, June 16, 2006

Proof Positive That Some People Have Too Much Damn Time on Thier Hands.

Here it is.

Scientific evidence, that. Admisable in court, no doubt.

I wonder what people like that did before the Interwebs was invented by Al Gore?

Back in the day, it took a team of six men, three mules, and a dozens of slaves plucking ducks for quills and stomping blueberries to make ink to create even a single blog, which had to be printed on parchment and distributed outside bars, or "ale-houses", which were the forums of the day.

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Medieval Bloggers hard at work. Source: British Museum.

As old school blogger Thomas Paine, who blogged at 7h3 4g3 0f R3450n, once put it:

It taketh Men a Fortnight for to blog a Single Post, which that jerk His Majesty King George then Censores. Thank Ye, Messrs. Google, for Lending your powers of Technomancy to subjugate Men, for they may no Longer be assured of Posting freely without Fear of IP Scanninge. "Do no evil" my ass.

Heh. Indeed.
Of course, then came Blogger, giving people like me the power to link to random crap. So, yay Blogger!

Oh, by the way, I got a new computer.