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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Bye Bye Lappy.

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My laptop died an honorable and glorious death in battle last night.

I've been having trouble with it for a while, I must admit. For the past year and a half I have had it on life support, downloading CCleaner, Adaware, and Webroot, and vigilantly deleting this and rationalizing that and defragmenting the other thing.

Yesterday was Lappy's Last Stand.

I use this laptop for work, mainly. I can plug in and program alarm panels, PA amps, and PBXs with the thing- ever so much more efficient than programming the things manualy, which takes forever. I do paperwork. I do demos at onsite for customers. I draw up plans. And I blog.

Blogging is not a work related funcion, of course, but in the interest of fairness it must be included.

Sunday, I plugged the powerpack in and the light flickered on and off. The thing refused to charge.

Last night, I tried plugging in the powerpack again.

At first, I just heard a little grinding sound, as of someone stepping on ground glass.

I thought that there was some dirt in the plug. I blew it out and reseated the cord again firmly.

Zap. Snap.




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As the smoke cleared, I considered my options. Sure, everything was backed up, and I'd known this was coming for some time now. Still, the loss of a loved one is never easy. This was my first computer all my own... the first time I had ever used Firefox... the first time I had ever blogged... the first time I ever edited music... the first time I had ever programmed an alarm panel... the first time I had ever put a DVR online...

Anyway, blogging will be light till I get a new one.