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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

And The Hits Just Keep On Coming, Part 97.

This is why they don’t let British police have guns. They’d just hurt themselves.

In America, however, one never, ever, ever gets between a cop and his or her Krispy Kreme donuts. Ever!

Of course, if you experience police brutality, you know who’s at fault: President Bush. The source of all badness and evilosity.

Of course, maybe President Bush really is out of his cotton-pickin’ mind nowadays. I just got this as an email from a whackjob crackpot; I haven’t seen it anywhere so I can’t verify its accuracy.

ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) -- An editorial writer for the Alexandria Intelligencer, Carl Bury, was reportedly arrested by federal agents last night. Neighbors say they were awakened by shouting around midnight as Bury was taken away in an unmarked van. The men apprehending Bury identified themselves as being "with the government" and left before neighbors could question them further. The staff at the Alexandria Intelligencer say they have been unable to learn what has happened to Bury, other than being told by police that it is a federal matter. Bury had often written controversial editorials denouncing the Bush administration as illegal and alleging that there is proof that President Bush knew about the September 11th terrorist attacks beforehand. Bury has no criminal record, and the local police are not aware of the reason for his arrest. The White House has yet to respond to this matter.


Probably a drug dealer or something. Good riddance. Nother Bush-basher bites the… dust.

(I was going for alliteration there, but I don’t think the use of three words in a row counts as alliteration- it was just cutesy.)

Quick question- does this look like “free speech” to you?

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Mark Echo, the uber-rich skell behind the Air Force One tagging incident, among other things, is suing Vallone and Hizzoner the Lord Mayor over the law that says people under the age of 21 can’t possess broad-tipped markers or spray paint.

The problem is, he’s challenging it under free-speech laws, arguing that graffito is free speech, instead of arguing interruption of commerce or something that actually makes sense. To simplify, Mister Echo thinks that some idiot drawing his nickname on the roll down gates of your store is the same thing as the Federalist Papers.

Read it here.