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Friday, June 22, 2007

Movie Review: Big Nothing

I just saw Big Nothing. I picked it up because it stars Simon Pegg, and the back of the dvd looked interesting.

Quick Review: it sucks enormously. If you are on a plane and this is the movie that they are showing, walk out.

Spoilers follow in super secret highlight-o-vision.

Natasha McElhone was completely unbelievable as a small town detective in Oregon. Everyone dies in this super violent crapfest, except it doesn't happen fast enough. I thought it was a comedy, but there are no jokes and very few ridiculous moments, although one character is murdered with one of those enormous lollipops, so that was cool. I thought David Schwimmer doesn't do a half bad job of the former professor with an unbelievable disease and poorly written dialogue.

I want my money back.