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Friday, June 01, 2007

Eruv Rav to get his day in court.

A Williamsburg rabbi is facing assault charges for his role in a scuffle that started because of a dispute he had with another Jew regarding the issue of an Eruv in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn.

Rabbi Sh. Greenbaum will appear in Brooklyn Criminal Court for allegedly striking 19-year-old E. Klein in the face, when Klein walked down Bedford Avenue with his kippah in his hand, believing that the Eruv in Williamsburg is kosher, but which the rabbi believes it is not. The attackers pummeled Klein while yelling "you are not a Jew!" according to court documents.

Through a translator, Greenbaum, 44, said he notice Kleins head was uncovered so he asked him to put his kippah on, in a nice way. "I would never hurt somebody. I would never return a punch," he said.

Klein was also charged with a lesser assault on another participant in the brawl.

This blogger hopes they hang Greenbaum from the eruv by his peyos. This guy is a rosha gomur.

H/T Vos Iz Neias. Check out the comments. My favorite:

Well, I guess Moshiach won't be coming this week.