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Monday, May 07, 2007

Williamsburg's carbon footprint must be huuuuuuuuuge

An interesting theme of liberal philosophy is an intense hatred for people. What other explanation for opposing execution but legalizing abortion? What other explanation for distributing needles and condoms but campaigning against marriage?

I read that some econut says that humanity is like a virus and the global population should drop below one billion, just like in the movie 12 Monkeys. Scary.

Having large families ‘is an eco-crime’

HAVING large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour
in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a 4x4 car and failing
to reuse plastic bags, according to a report to be published tomorrow by a
green think tank.

The paper by the Optimum Population Trust (OPT) will say that if couples had
two children instead of three they could cut their family’s carbon dioxide
output by the equivalent of 620 return flights a year between London and New

In his latest comments the academic says that when couples are planning a
family they should be encouraged to think about the environmental
consequences. “The decision to have children should be seen as a very big
one and one that should take the environment into account,” he added.

Guillebaud says that, as a general guideline, couples should produce no more
than two offspring.

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